Mission Statement

Stone By Stone- building a road following God's chosen path.  Together with our brothers and sisters of Haiti, we strive to serve the cooperative of HASWEP through Listening, Educating, Supporting, Praying, Working, Advancing.

LESPWA means HOPE in Creole. 
We are full of hope for Haiti.





Desab, Haiti

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Stone by Stone serves a mountain region of Haiti located outside of the city of Cabaret.  This region consists of several mountain villages.  Desab is the central village to the region, but surrounding villages include Brely, Galgal, Tima, Lamy, Dotel, Gotye, Toujalu, Jandima, Tenwa, and others that we have not yet met.  Years ago an organization known as HASWEP was formed to empower the young men and create leadership within the villages.  Through this organization, a committee of men, leaders from each village, was created and still runs today.  The HASWEP organization owns the clinic property and building and we work in partnership with them as we serve the community.   While our base and the clinic are in Desab, we look forward to being able to serve some of the pressing needs, especially medical needs, in the other communities. 

The landscape in this area of Haiti is dry and rocky to say the least.  Agriculture is the main vocation for this area.  If you travel throughout the villages you will see watermelon fields, avocado and mango trees, and gardens with beans, corn and various other vegetables.  With the rainy season lasting only a few months, the rest of the year sees little in the way of precipitation.  This makes farming crops difficult and sometimes impossible.  They rely heavily on their petit meal crop which grows well in dry climate.  There is also a lot of livestock in the region, such as cows, goats, chickens, and even turkeys.  Malnutrition and hunger are tremendous problems.  The water source for all of the villages comes through natural springs.  They currently have no source of clean water, which creates numeous health problems.