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What's The Deal With The MSPP?

If you have been following our Facebook posts or newsletters for awhile, you may have seen “the MSPP” mentioned quite a bit.  The MSPP is the Ministry of Health in Haiti.  Fanmi Lasante’s approval by the MSPP is getting very close, so I think it’s time we explain why this is such a big deal.  To be honest, I only just found out recently myself why this is such a big deal and I want to share the excitement with all of you. 

MSPP stands for Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population.  Healthcare facilities are inspected by state health offices and authorized at that level in order to officially practice medicine.  All clinics are authorized by the state.  Fanmi Lasante became authorized by the state a long time ago.  I thought that was pretty exciting.  But we kept talking about MSPP approval and I just kind of thought that was the normal next step.  It turns out, it’s not.  All clinics are approved by the state, but not all clinics are authorized by the MSPP.  MSPP authorization is the highest level of recognition that a clinic can receive by the Haitian government.  It’s like becoming a 5-star restaurant.  There is nowhere else to go.  You have reached the top.  When Fenel explained this to me I understood why he and the staff have been working so hard on this and why it is such a major goal.  To gain MSPP authorization would put Fanmi Lasante in an elite group of clinics. 

Why does that matter?  MSPP authorization opens major doors for Fanmi Lasante.  MSPP authorized clinics receive free vaccines, and that includes all vaccines supplies and the booklets for parents to track vaccines for their children.  By the way, those booklets are not available outside of the MSPP in Haiti.  If someone else has them, it’s because they obtained them in an unofficial manner.  MSPP authorization also provides free patient education materials, training for the staff, free medicines, and extra staff paid for by the state if they feel the program requires more staffing based on reports and statistics.  This is major! 

Beside all of that, there is the intangible sense of pride for the entire community that they have an MSPP authorized clinic in their region.  People will come to Fanmi Lasante just for that.  Even the doctor from the MSPP, after arriving in Desab in his nice state-funded Land Cruiser, said that he did not expect to find something so nice after driving up that road so far from town.  He complimented the staff on what a great job they are doing for the state with this clinic. 

The clinic staff, and especially the administrator Fenel Jean, have worked so incredibly hard for this.  I cannot imagine a better group of people who deserve this honor, or a group of people more worthy of our support.  When I met with the clinic staff on my last trip, I asked them what they would like to say to our supporters in the US.  Dr. Gabrielle said, “I hope they trust we are doing the right thing with their money.  Thank you!”  And the nurse Pauline said, “Their money is going to the right place.  I will pray for them and that we can create more opportunity.”  This staff is not only focused on care for the community that they serve, but they are aware of the fact that they are accountable to our supporters for how your money is used.  Seriously.  Could there be a better group of people to support? 

If you already support us financially, I join with the entire clinic staff in a huge THANK YOU!  And if you don’t, why not start?  Your tax-deductible donation will support a soon-to-be MSPP authorized clinic in a mountain village in Haiti without electricity or running water which is providing quality healthcare to a region of 10,000 people.  Why not be a part of something big?

Mesi anpil,

Nicole Pitzer

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