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Stone By Stone- building a road following God's chosen path.  Together with our brothers and sisters of Haiti, we strive to serve the cooperative of HASWEP through Listening, Educating, Supporting, Praying, Working, Advancing.

LESPWA means HOPE in Creole. 
We are full of hope for Haiti.





Desab, Haiti

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Tout bagay byen avek Jezi (Baby Ivnalie)


(For those of you that follow us on our family blog, sorry for the repeat just really felt like it was worth sharing again!)

This is Ivnaline. She is 3 months old from GalGal, Haiti.  Her mother brought her to the clinic on Wednesday. She was a really sick baby. Fever of 102, diarrhea, labored breathing, not nursing, sick! Nicole treated him the best she could with what we had and asked the mom to bring him back in Friday morning. Thankfully she did because he was worse. I have never seen eyes like hers. It was frightening. The decision was made to bring her to Mission Hope in Cabaret. I was blessed to be able to go with Ivnaline and mom. Of course they would have had to pry that baby out of my arms otherwise but fortunately that was unnecessary.

So we are on the way down the mountain. I have a baby in my arms with a look and feel and presence that I never want to see again.  (After the fact, Nicole put him at 48 hours from dying without treatment).  There is a point along the road where a path goes off to the right towards the village of Dotel.  We make an unexpected stop here to talk to an older man who is sitting under a tree.  My thoughts at this point go something like " Are you out of your mind this baby is dying and you are chatting it up??????!!!!!"  Fortunately they were just thoughts because the next thing I know this man is getting in our car. This man, who looks like he just stepped out of an air-conditioned house, well dressed, not a drop of sweat on him and this infectious smile.  The reality is, is that he just walked many, many miles on a rocky, dirt path in 100 degree heat to get to the road and he looks fabulous.  Anyway, he greets us and in Creole I ask him how he is.  His answer completely throws me off.  It is not the normal reply I always hear and he says it with a smile and much conviction.  I ask our translator Pierre for an explanation.  It turns out that this sweet man is the Pastor from the church in Dotel ( I know right, God Rocks!).  His reply to my "How are you?"..."Tout bagay byen avek Jezi!", All is well with Jesus.

And so it was! We dropped off this beautiful man in Cabaret. We made it to the amazing campus of Mission Hope and checked in mom and baby and paid for their services. We were able to leave her with money for medicine and a ride back to her home. We asked that she come see us at the clinic in the morning before we leave just so we can check the baby one more time. She came. It was obvious this mom loves her baby dearly. I asked to hold Ivnaline and as soon as I touched her I smiled. She was cool, she was crying (just less than 24 hours before he couldn't even muster up a cry),mom said she was nursing. Indeed the Pastor with the infectious smile was correct.



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