Mission Statement

Stone By Stone- building a road following God's chosen path.  Together with our brothers and sisters of Haiti, we strive to serve the cooperative of HASWEP through Listening, Educating, Supporting, Praying, Working, Advancing.

LESPWA means HOPE in Creole. 
We are full of hope for Haiti.





Desab, Haiti

Stone by Stone is excited to be partnering with the primary school in Desab, Haiti.  This school serves 260 students from several villages.  The government in Haiti does not financially support their schools.  They do, however, mandate that all students wear a uniform, have decent shoes, and a backpack.  In addition to this, children must pay school tuition.  This causes a financial strain on the schools, as well as the families, many of whom have several children in school at once.

What does this mean for Stone by Stone? We are now actively seeking sponsors for the students currently attending school.  This sponsorship program will pay for:

  • Student's Uniform
  • School Supplies
  • Backpack
  • Tuition
  • Teacher Salaries and Support

We are seeking to support the school and the students through a 40x40 program.  If we have 40 donors willing to donate $40/month, the school will be fully funded.  In the past 30 years, the school has never been funded via traditional student sponsorships.  This 40x40 campaign was formed with the approval of the Desab school staff as a sustainable way to meet their budget needs.  

You can donate via PayPal or check and designate it "Education".