Mission Statement

Stone By Stone- building a road following God's chosen path.  Together with our brothers and sisters of Haiti, we strive to serve the cooperative of HASWEP through Listening, Educating, Supporting, Praying, Working, Advancing.

LESPWA means HOPE in Creole. 
We are full of hope for Haiti.





Desab, Haiti

Nicole Pitzer - Liverpool, NY - PRESIDENT

Nicole Pitzer is a physician assistant who has spent the majority of her 14+ year career in family practice.  She fell in love with Haiti and the people in the Cabaret region when she first traveled there in October of 2011.  As president of Stone By Stone, Nicole actively works on developing the organization, creating programs for the community in Haiti, and leading teams to Desab to serve.  Nicole is enthusiastic about the many opportunities to bring better and more consistent healthcare to this region and the hope that this will bring to the community.  While in Haiti, she enjoys spending time with people in the community, holding health education programs, and working with various groups to advance healthcare in the villages.  She has been taking Haitian Creole language lessons in an effort to form better relationships and better communication with the people that we serve.  Nicole and her husband Adam have been married for 13 years.  She loves being involved in this great endeavor along with him.



Sue is a founding member of Stone By Stone and is passionate about the people of Haiti.  She's been a nurse for 36 years with experience in the Operating Room and Labor and Delivery.  She has been married to her husband Tony for 34 years and they have three grown children.  Sue loves serving the Lord while using the gifts He's blessed her with to serve the people of Desab.  She is amazed at the resilience and determination of the people who survive against some significant challenges.  She has only made four trips to Haiti, but she knows that Haiti holds her heart in ways she never thought possible.  She hopes to share her experiences with friends and family by bringing them to Desab.  She would love to see SBS grow in members and support so that we can accomplish good things.  Sustainable health care and health maintenance is our goal and we need numbers and funding to get there.


Gregory Miheli - New Castle, PA - SECRETARY

Greg currently is the Business Manager at the City Rescue Mission in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  He has been in business and non-profit management for the past 22 years.  Greg has taken classes in non-profit management as well as non-profit development.  Greg has been a member of two church boards and currently is invited to observe the board of the City Rescue Mission.  Having never been to Haiti personally, he hopes he may go with the team in the future.  He is enthusiastic and passionate about helping Stone by Stone achieve its financial goals so that the team can expand medical care to the community as well as keep the clinic structurally sound.  Greg and his wife, Heleace, have three adult children - Daniel, Nicole, and Mary.


Amanda Dehart - Beaver, PA - BOARD MEMBER Amanda graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 2012 with a degree in Communications.  For the last two years, Amanda has served as the Development Associate for the City Rescue Mission in New Castle, Pennsylvania, where she helps with the fundraising and volunteer management.  Amanda is looking forward to using her fundraising knowledge and passion for serving others to help Stone By Stone achieve their financial goals to bring sustainable healthcare to all the individuals of Desab.  Amanda just took her first trip to Haiti in April 2016 and loved Desab and her people.


Adam Pitzer - Liverpool, NY - BOARD MEMBER

Adam Pitzer is a MDiv candidate at Northeastern Seminary, but the children and young adults in the Cabaret region of Haiti know him as their soccer coach.  When he first went to Desab in October 2011, he spent many hours playing soccer with the young men, the teenage boys and even coordinated a girls-only game.  He enjoyed sharing his passion for soccer with the Haitian people and also loved watching how playing soccer created a sense of community throughout the area.  He is looking forward to many more soccer games to come.  Adam is very excited about the vision for the clinic in Desab - creating sustainable medical care and improving the health of this region.  His goal throughout this endeavor is to make himself available to whatever God would have him to do, whether it is planning projects, building benches, or playing soccer for hours on end.  Adam and his wife, Nicole, have been married for 13 years.  They love serving God together and are excited about where He is taking them next.


Paul Rumo - Central Square, NY - BOARD MEMBER

Paul is a founding member of Stone By Stone.  He has made numerous trips to Haiti and continues to develop his love for the Haitian people & culture.  He brings much enthusiasm, humor and a good business sense to our organization.  As a founding member, he is heavily involved with fundraising, business development and continued expansion on sustainability initiatives in the region that Stone By Stone serves. He immerses himself in the culture on every trip and has gained many close friends in Desab.  He has taken Haitian Creole language classes and has become quite proficient in conversing with the local Haitian community.  He lives in Central New York with his wife Julie and children Zachary, Emily, Kenzie, Kenson and Kenley.  His goal is to bring people to Haiti to experience “life in Haiti” and hopes that through exposure and travel we can help bring quality healthcare & education to even more Haitians in & around the Cabaret region.


Alumni Board Members:

Robert Brenner

Anna Pierpan

Julie Rumo (VP)

Nate Wiessner